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Accurate, Synchronized Time Keeping and Display Systems

Master clocks and displays to meet all your accurate time keeping needs:

Master and Grandmaster Time Generators

Accurate and precise master time generators:-
  • Signals for: Timecode, NTP, PTP, PPS, IRIG, alarms
  • Choice of highly stable oscillators - including atomic
  • Rack, free standing and PCi card solutions
  • Click for more on master clocks

Time Displays

  • Digital Clock displays (indoor and out)
  • Analogue style displays
  • Time / Date / Text display options
  • Production friendly count in and out modes
  • Accurate even if master time is lost
  • Click for more information on time displays

International Times

This unique clock display offers a quick and easy to way to build a maintenance free, world time zone display in your office, studio, trading floor or control room wall. Click for more about this display.

Event timers

Switch clock displays from showing time of day into stop watch mode, allowing you to count into or out of studio production segments, sporting events, lapsed time, etc. Click for more info.

Post goes live with edl recording

The EDL-REC range of edit decision list recorders enable faster repurposing of live events, shows and concerts. Click to see all edl-rec products.

KVM solutions enable you to


Installation help & training

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