Master & Grandmaster Clock Servers

A local accurate time reference will help keep your computer networks safe*. A local time reference allows you to easily synchronise all your clock displays, networks and other equipment from inside your firewall. These Masterclock servers generate accurate time, and provide reference signals in most common formats and protocols. They can be referenced to external time sources, with precision path delay adjustments, should you need a traceable source of world time. The different products in our range allow you to balance your need for accuracy, stability, signal types together with your available budget, and space.


LED ceiling display A modular grandmaster master clock able to generate all major time signals and protocols. It can be free running or referenced from one or more signals. 1RU high and using the full rack width, gives it plenty of space for all the additional modules needed to achieve seriously accurate, precision time keeping. Options include higher stability oscillators - including an atomic clock for very accurate holdover and free running uses, multiple satellite (GPS / GLONAS / Galileo) for traceable world time references, and NTP, PTP, LTC, PPS (pulse per second) input references. The GMR5000 can support both optical and copper based networking with dual network connections when extra resilence is needed. Click here for GMR5000 data sheet, and here for a GMR5000 quotation.


LED ceiling display This reduced size version of the GMR5000 is very cost effective if your i/o and accuracy needs are slightly less demanding, but it cannot house all the GMR5000 options. Click here for GMR1000 data sheet and here for a GMR1000 quotation.

NTP100 dedicated MC units

Low cost dedicated NTP servers These network time protocol (NTP) servers are built for specific applications and offer high quality NTP master clock solutions at a low price. The NTP100 is built in different versions, which a reference time from
Time code
Free running
Click above links for relevant data sheet and click here for a NTP100 quotation.


Inside computer NTP and LTC master clocks & readers These high specification PC cards offer an excellent way to get accurate time into a standalone PC server or workstation. They offer a way to read and reference a computer to an external Time Code signal. Click following links for PCIe datasheet with
timecode reference
GPS reference
and click here for a PCIe card quotation.

Options for our master clocks

The following data sheets apply to the GMR5000. They are broadly similar to the other master clock system options.
GPS and GNSS options
Oscillator Options
Timecode reader
Timecode generator
Click on the links above to see the additional information and specifications.
If you request a quotation using one of the above links we will send you the relevant options data sheet(s) for that specific master clock. Please contact us if you need help understanding which option is available for which master clock, as there are some minor differences between the various models.

* One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to enhance your overall computer network security is to use a locally generated NTP or PTP time reference, located inside your firewall. This allows you to close all the various 'high risk' ports commonly used for SNTP, NTP and PTP - which are also very popular ports for internet attackers to target. An accurate network time reference means any log file time stamps from various servers across your network will all be synchronous, allowing you to better find out what happened. With no annual license fees the cost of a local time reference will quickly pay for itself.

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