International Time Displays

World Time Display Here is the perfect solution to display accurate times from around the world. These 2 line clocks can be wall mounted side by side or above each other; and set to display a city name and its local time: Each clock is synchronised to your local master clock or other time reference, and automatically adjusts its time to the correct regional daylight saving time. You do not need to manually adjust these clocks at the start and end of summer time. These clocks are also DC powered so do not require any routine PAT testing* or battery replacement.

Readable from 30m away these clocks have automatic brightness adjustment to perfectly match any changing ambient light levels. In the event that the master time reference is lost these clocks maintain very accurate time. They recover from power outages quickly and show the correct time and city even if your master time refence or network is not available.

These clocks are available in a range of display colours, and can be finished in your choice of chassis colour**. They can be DIN rail mounted for quick and easy alaignment.

World time six display

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World time clock data sheet
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* It is our understanding that in the UK PAT testing is not normally required for displays that are phantom powered with a 48V DC source and no mains.
** Black powder coated steel is standard.

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