Live Event & Production Timer

RC600 /1000 Production Timers
Do you need to count into or out of live events?
Time live events? Or program segments?
Or, simply keep a long running time counter?

With the RC600 you can instantly switch any NTDS or TCDS clock display from showing time of day to a stop watch counter. When your countdown finishes it can be set to automatically start counting up (Ideal to count into and then away from a live event). Intuitive to use, the RC600 allows you to pause and resume countdowns.

The RC1000 adds a second seperate counters which can be manually or GPI controlled.
A Keypad is provided for quicker numerical entry.

Our PCD-1 software allows you to display your count down / up on your computer screen. Click for more infomation on PCD-1

(Masterclock Dual line clock displays can be set to show both Time of day and the Countdown).

For more information check out our data sheets:-
RC600 Production Timer data sheet
RC1000 Dual Event Timer data sheet

and click below to request your quotation
RC600 Single Chn Production Timer or
RC1000 Dual Chn Production Timer.

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