Ceiling mounted time and data display Fitted with NTP or time code references, this extensive range of clock displays are used by broadcasters, banks, airports, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, governments, and security organisations all over the world.

Available in a range of sizes, (see FAQs for help), and styles to suit most locations, once set up these clocks have zero maintenance*, keeping accurate time even if the master reference(s) is lost**. Most displays can be supplied for single or two sided viewing.

The Master Clock Digital Range

7 segment 'indirect' LED technology with manual or automatic brightness means that even in dark rooms these clocks will not over power your viewer's eye. High stability hold over mode keeps these displays showing the correct time* even if master reference signal is lost. Available in choice of 5 LED colours (or with multicolour LEDs for certain sizes in case you need to colour match a specific corporate colour or look). As standard these clock displays are built into a welded steel chassis finished in powder black; Custom chassis colours are also available if required; Most of these displays can also be built inside stainless steel chassis, ideal for use in clean room type areas, or for when you need to impress viewers. The remote panel can switch all these displays from clock mode to displaying a synchronised count down / up.

4 Digit Displays

LED ceiling display Click here for your NTDSx4 quotation.

6 Digit Displays

LED ceiling display Click here for your NTDSx6 quotation.

2 Line Clock Displays

2 Line clock display Two line displays can show Date and Time, or have a 9 character text line in place of the date.

Click here for your NTDS dual row clock display quotation.

Rack Mount and Dual Displays

1 Line rack mount displays With a LED height of 2.5cm these rack mountable displays are available as desktop or rack mounting versions:

Under RC600 remote control the dual display clock can simultaneously show both time and count down.
Click for your rack mounting NTDS clock display quote.

'Hybrid' Masterclock Displays

Hybrid clock display Popular in studios and production areas, showing seconds ticking around an outer circle, helping production staff count into program segments.

Click here for your Hybrid clock display quotation.

ECO Outdoor Displays

ECO outdoor displays Adjustable and bright LEDs make these displays ideal for use outside. For use with NTP and / or local GPS references.

Click here for your ECO outdoor display quotation.

Data Sheets

Most of our clock displays are compatible with third party and legacy master clock reference systems; please ask us if you need help. All NTP clock displays can use main and backup references with auto switching.

*Total cost of ownership for a synchronised time system is comparable to a piecemeal collection of un-managed displays. A synchronised solution benefits from all clocks in the building showing exactly the same time, no bi-annual maintenance is needed to adjust for day light saving time, and with PoE power you should not need any periodic PAT testing***, or to replace any batteries. Also bear in mind that low cost GPS / Radio clock displays, may not receive sufficient GPS signals within industrial buildings and so will not be capable of showing the correct time, and won't be synchronous with other displays around the building.

**The MC clocks all have a highly stable "hold over" oscillator as standard, capable of maintaining accurate time to within 5 seconds / month if communications with the master references are lost or during power outages: They provide a visual warning when free running without the reference signal(s).

*** It is our understanding that in the UK PAT testing is not normally required for displays that are phantom powered with a 48V DC source and no mains.

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